PAWG is an abbreviation of Phat Ass White Girl. Phat word here is the replacement of the word ‘fat.’ The title of PAWG is given to a woman who has a fat ass. PAWG is a type of slang that is very frequently used to describe a woman in both romantic and vulgar ways. Due to the popularity of PAWGs around the people, the porn sites also created a separate section naming it PAWGs.

How Did PAWG Come Into Existence?

There is no particular year of the word to come into existence, but for reference, it came in early 2000. It entered into the urban dictionary on July 29, 2004. Phat is an African slang, and therefore the pronunciation of the abbreviation sounds similar to the African accent.

Since then, years after years, the word PAWG became popular amongst the teenagers in their tweets. Later in the era where the porn industry grew, PAWG was created as a category in the sites.

People’s Love for PAWGs

Porn advertisements usually have a PAWG lady on the front page displays of the site. PAWG category on porn sites includes videos of girls with fat butts and white color. Most of the porn sites feature videos of a white girl and black man under the category of PAWGs. The meaning of the word PAWG is broken down into fat ass of white girls because there is a myth among a few people that white girls usually have flat butts. To prove them wrong, there is a separate section to clear the stereotype thoughts of the people.

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Considering the porn sites, PAWG is quite a good section to enjoy your porn experience, but you must not call any random lady a PAWG without her will. It might sound offending and insulting to her.

Adoring PAWGs on Porn Sites is Better

Most men love women with fat ass and white chicks, but you can’t get it all from your lady love or your girlfriend. If you are married or committed, then your fantasy might come to a full stop as cheating on her would be inappropriate. PAWGs on porn sites whereas can fulfill some fantasies in your mind. Your wife or girlfriend would not mind if you make them sit with you while you watch PAWGs on the big screen.

Making love while you watch porn increases the love quotient in a couple. You cannot pretend for the entire life that you do not adore fat asses and white chicks. It will be real trouble if your wife catches you admiring the ass of a stranger PAWG out on streets. It is better to bring the fun to your home by logging on to one of your favorite porn sites and toggle through the PAWG category.

The addition of the PAWG category to porn sites is giving satisfaction to the sexual imagination of many people. Pornography is made to deliver peoples with their desired fantasies.

Watching PAWGs at Times is Hilarious

Watching porn with your girlfriend or wife might make you laugh at a certain point in watching porn. PAWG section in a porn site consists of real thick ass chicks which might make you laugh a lot, giving a chilling mood before love-making while some videos are also role-played contents of your favorite movie or series which will undoubtedly make you roll on the floor laughing.

For fun, when you watch PAWGs with your girlfriend, you might check on her mood and compare her ass with the PAWGs on the video to just add more fun to the love-making. If she has a thick ass, praise her and tell her that you love spanking that fat ass all the time. It will create a hilarious and romantic moment for the couple.

PAWG Lovers Love to Explore & Know Their Own Selves

Some people love to check out new uploads on various porn sites as they are fond of exploring their sexual interests. Most people have different choices and interests, whether big boobs or fat asses, thick thighs or broad lips, etc.

You need to go on exploring to find out if your love PAWGs or MILFs. PAWGs are usually the favorite of all men as the thing down the pants of a woman is what interests them more.

Watching various porn categories comes with immense benefits to an individual or a couple. If you are married with a white girl with a fat ass, then you probably believe the myth. PAWG videos on porn sites consist of thick ass white girls to prove you wrong and fulfill your fantasy at the same time.