Sara Jay

Sara Jay is the blond, curvy porn star actress with BangBros, who, even in her early forties, could make a teenager come in seconds. Though she is now a MILF, she would put to shame even the youngest porn stars, without trouble. She was born on November 14, 1977, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

She was born into a Catholic Family. Jay makes use of her curvaceous figure. Sara is known for starring with male actors of different races. She won the Urban X Award for Best Interracial Star in 2009. 

How did Sara Jay Make it Up to Bang Bros?

               Sara’s ventured in pornography begun during her college years, where she had to work to pay for her college tuition. Her first step into the business was becoming a nude dancer. Various sources say that during one of her performances, she fell and hit her head and realized that she had to do other things.

After the accident, Sara quit dancing and moved to Las Vegas in 2001. She began looking for work in the porn industry. As per Sara, her initial motivation in making porn was to explore her sexuality, enjoy, and have fun while making a living.

What does Sara Jay do on Bang Bros

Sara Jay has done many things on Bang Bros. You can scan nearly 40 scenes about it. In one video, instead of calling the police, Sara had sex with the thief. She is also featured in a stepmom stepdaughter threesome, where she played the mom part but is still as hot and wet as the daughter.

On one setting, Sara Jay, along with other actors, invaded a house party in a college dorm, it was a wild and wet affair. She doesn’t care what her partner’s color is, as long as it’s big, she’ll suck the heck out of it. With that juicy boobs and big ass, any guy will come very fast. Not to mention, Sara can go anal too.

               Sara’s videos can be watched on all kinds of devices. Be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone, android or apple, her tits, and pussy are available on Bang Bros just one click away. For your insights, comments, and suggestions to better improve the quality of Sara’s videos, you can rate, comment, and provide much-needed feedback to Bang Bros’ site.

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Personal thoughts of Sara Jay on Pornography

Initially, Sara joined the porn industry for necessity, she had to pay for college, but she later stated that she joined porn to express her sexuality safely and have fun while making a living. Sara is having fun making porn for the prolific number of videos she is starring in. Sara has her own production company named Wyde Syde Productions.

About Sara Jay’s Life and Career

Sara Jay studied psychology at the University of Cincinnati, and when asked why she took the course, she answered that the human mind interests her so much, asking herself why we do the things we do and what motivates us to do it. Sara is heterosexual, and when asked what her favorite scene is when doing porn, she answered that threesomes are the best.

She has made more than 350 films in her career. You can check most of her best scenes at Bang Bros. Sara now has her own production company named WydeSyde Productions, which she produces, directs, and sometimes stars in adult films.

 On a more personal note, Sara likes old school hip hop or soul music, and a perfect day for Sara has some workout, eats excellent, delicious food, and have fantastic sex. She is agnostic and does not prefer any religion. She hates Christmas. Sara believes that there should be stricter regulations on firearms.

But the issue she is really against is internet piracy, her reason behind is that she exposes herself in front of the camera from tit to ass, getting beat down by large cocks and some random dude watches this all for free? That doesn’t seem fair to her.

So, if you wish to satisfy your sexual cravings, have a treat from Sara’s curvaceous body and big ass, visit Bang Bros and scan through her videos and find your lust’s desires. Just be sure to sign up to have access to all of Sara Jay’s videos.