Gianna Michaels, the blue-eyed brunet with 38F boobs and a juicy ass, is a majestic specimen of a woman that makes you think only those well-endowed brutes could make her come. This 5 ft 10 in of juicy beauty was born on the 6th of June 1983 in Seattle, Washington. Gianna’s first job was at a hamburger shop in Seattle coincidentally named Dick’s.

In the year 2001, Gianna transferred to the Golden State and worked as a receptionist. Due to her height and voluptuous figure, modeling scouts urged her to try modeling, thinking to herself that she could stop if she doesn’t feel it. One thing led to another, and her modeling led her to pose for nudes and then porn.

How did Gianna Michaels Make it Up to BangBros?

Gianna Michaels is truly a mountain of beauty. Her tall stature is directly proportional to her sexual appetite onscreen: she is salivating and voracious, she can swallow it whole seemingly sucking not just a man’s juice but his soul too.

Gianna Michaels BangBros

Gianna Michaels was, hands down, built for porn, she immediately gained fame thanks to her enormous natural breasts and round ass. These, including her pretty face, helped her gain a large fan base. Gianna truly has stood up to her voracious appetite, as of today, Gianna has appeared in more than 500 credits including video compilations, most you will see on BangBros.

What does Gianna Michaels do on BangBros?

Gianna has a wide variety of films by the dozen with seductive and teasing titles for the viewers. In all of these films, Gianna seems as if she hadn’t had sex in a year! You can watch her getting her juicy pussy being worked out in the shower or being done in a freaking kung fu dojo.

She is also a part of the Fuck Team who shook up Hollywood and made some fanboys’ dreams come true. Gianna also features in a girl-to-girl scene and has numerous threesomes and orgies to her belt. She also has a clip of herself being done anal. One thing’s for sure, you’ll have the juiciest and bouncy viewing experience of your life.

BangBros has a collection of Gianna Michaels’ most horny videos. As stated, she features in Solo, one-on-one (boy-to-boy, girl-to-girl), threesomes, orgies, anal and other extreme scenarios. Surely, you’ll have no choice but to take a look at all of them. You can watch them on all digital devices. So, now you can see Gianna anywhere with just one click.

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Personal thoughts of Gianna Michaels on Pornography

Gianna herself told interviewers that she was introduced to the Adult Film Industry through a suitcase pimp (unlicensed agent) she met on her way home. She was intrigued by the money and dreamt of having a car. For her, pornography is just any other decent job, you just have to show some more skin.

Gianna Michaels videos

She had some reservations about the effect of the internet on the porn industry because this gave the opportunity to amateur wannabes to post sex videos online and some websites provide porn for free.  She said that for mainstream porn artists to keep up, they have to give something special to viewers.

About Gianna’s Life and Career          


Gianna has two sisters and has some Latina blood on her mother’s side. She is approachable to her fans so long as she is not with her family. Gianna has two tattoos, one on her right shoulder and a 5-pointed star on her mid-back near the right spine.

When not doing porn videos, Gianna does webcams and markets her clips on her own website GiannaXXX which was launched in 2012. Gianna also starred in a Hollywood film, although a minor role, “Piranha 3D”.

She also received many awards such as the 2007 AVN Awards for Best Group Sex Scene Video and the 2008 AVN Awards for Best Sex Scene in Foreign Shot Production, Unsung Scarlet of the Year and Best All-Sex Release. What are you waiting for?

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