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Angela White, the beautiful and erotic porn star of BangBros, was born on the 4th of March, 1985. She is an Australian and began her journey in the pornography industry since 2003. After every passing year of her career, she gained more popularity and fame as the seduction queen. The AVN hall of fame has her name embedded, and she is awarded as a two-time winner of the AVN female performer of the year.

How did Angela Make it Up to BangBros?

Angela White is an example of Australian beauty, and her 36G boobs enhance her beauty to the next level. She started pornography since she was 18 in the year 2003 and from there on Angela White’s name and performance appraisals were widely spread just like a wildfire.

Her work is commendable, and soon after achieving great success from her website, she started working with various studios, including BangBros. BangBros highlights the best of Angela and brings in a huge collection of Angela’s hits for you. She is wild and fierce with her partners in the video and holds the ability to make you cum in seconds.

What Does Angela Do on BangBros?

There are various contents with attractive thumbnails and titles for the viewers. Starting from being a cute sister to a slutty wife, Angela is famous for portraying the characters efficiently. Her videos rate on top with a high watch time. The video scenes show the wild and the soft side of Angela during sex. She is commendable at her job as she can go wild and naughty and also go soft for the slow sex lovers.

BangBros has a collection of all the avatars of Angela White including hard-core sex, deep blow jobs, anal, orgies and much more. The viewers will fail to resist themselves from checking them all out. The video contents of Angela White on BangBros can be streamed on an embedded player and are also compatible with all other players.

All the videos available on the site are of full high definition. BangBros allow you to comment, rate, and give your feedback for the video. You can also add your Angels Favourites to the favorite section of your BangBros account to be free from the hassle of searching through thousands of videos.

Personal Thoughts of Angela White on Pornography

As per an interview with Angela, she mentioned that the first time she saw pornography, she knew she wanted to get into it. She added that she went through several criticisms in her school days for her sexuality. Angela White was bisexual in her teenage and was criticized as a lesbian and slut in her high school. She considers the porn industry as a celebration for all those women who want to enjoy their life. For her, the feeling of having sex with different people in different locations is a kind of celebration.

Angela believes that identifying self-sexuality is important in that way; you will be able to embrace yourself. Angela White clears the misconceptions of people about porn. Most people think of porn as drug use and money desperation career, but it is not the case; instead, it is a celebration.

As per Angela, modern society must welcome sexuality and the sexual desires of either gender. Sex is never a bad thing and nor porn. Angela white does not use any profession name on various pornography studios, including BangBros. She uses her real name as she believes that she is not ashamed of her career.

Angela White is known for showing the intimate relationship in every video as BangBros has the collection of such videos for Angela’s fans and followers.

About Angela White’s Life & Career

Angela White is an educated professional porn star. She is a graduate and has mastered gender studies from the University of Melbourne. She was the topper of her class and is currently willing to go back to studies to complete her Ph.D.

As per BangBros, Angela is very choosy on sets, as she loves to make her own choices during the shoot. One thing that makes her stand out in the crowd is that she fights for even for the sex workers who are working under some desperation. She also stood up for an election to make sure the woman who was criticizing sex work didn’t win.

Angela not only performs for various pornography studios but also runs her blog and site. She also serves the industry as a producer and a director.

In conclusion, Angela White is an official model of BangBros, and she values her independence above all. She believes that in this industry, making your own choice is very much essential to build a passion for the career.

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